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Food Delivery Take Away

Know Us

Mothers...aka MOMs .. Neena Vermani and Anu Vermani... in the lockdown blues ... thought of the food... tasty yet nutritious foods being missed. This venture started there in.

Travel sagas, had left a lot of memories and a lot of recipes. Experience in recreating them helped.

It HAS to be nutritious, was the key word. So it had to be.

Foods cooked commercially, leaves you asking for more ... food. The energy values of the foods have to be high. Decreed the Moms. Anu and Neena.

Thus Started thefamilykitchen. Everything that is used in finest kitchens at home, all the ingredients vetted. Tasted and then again checked. Dishes prepared and passed around. Soon the, word was being passed around.

What started with the word of mouth, ended up being a full menu, on request. The foodies landed up. And then came in production line, supervised by mums.. and frozen foods.. which could be warmed .. just ready to eat with the same taste and nutrition values... it is still thefamilykitchen. Frozen or not.

The frozen food had thought up ingredients, never used in commercial cooking. The bar has been raised... The food is nutritious and filling frozen warmed or delivered fresh. Yummm...